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Are Singles in Las Vegas Bored?

“It’s Friday night, I’m Single in Vegas and Bored”

Are you kidding me? Did you just say that???

How in the world can singles in Las Vegas be bored?? I mean, You live in the Entertainment Capital of the World…! As much of an oxymoron “Boring Vegas” might sound to you, on the flip-side– there is lot of the same ‘ole thing happening around here, all the time. What exactly does that mean?

Here’s the skinny on Vegas in a nutshell: As exciting as all the lights and daring experiences might seem, this entertainment capital truly embodies a grossly superficial lifestyle. A lifestyle full of ephemeral fun and disconnected intimate relationships. Ephemeral sounds fancy, but lasts a short time. And the dating or intimate relationships (if you can call them that) are just that: DISCONNECTED.

There we go… just said it. Now not to judge– by all means in the most empty places you may find amazing depth and rebirth too… But it’s not easy.

Yes, there are honest people here who are making a change in the world and taking a stand for their own lives, striving to live in harmony and balance. But truth be told, Vegas is one of those melting pots that keeps stirring the same old sludge, and with time, it’s getting more sour and murky. To our dismay, the class of this place is spiraling, and quite honestly, lacking tangible “substance” or authenticity, hence spiraling down the drain.

What is “substance” and why is it’s depletion making everything spiral down? Let’s just say that the lack of authenticity in this city is encouraging us to worship a plastic lifestyle. The fruits of that way of life can prove to be ultimately dismal.

Let’s talk about authentic talent for example. For crying out loud, the amazing live music this place was known for– where did it go? Vegas used to be a hub for honest-to-goodness, true musical talent. A hub where you had no idea what great legend you were going to bump into that night. Now look– it’s DJ utopia, and not even great DJ’s ruling the scene, giving absurd value to a club that relies on obscene inebriation as a tactic to lure people in. And Inebriation… it’s the secret weapon, if you will, that entices victims to spend more and deceptively enjoy more, regardless of quality!

Why are Singles in Las Vegas and Bored out of their minds…?

When a city stands for a lifestyle that is in- authentic… When a city lauds noise, drugs, and unhealthy risk and lifestyles… It’s the same thing media pushes: that anything unreal is has value. What an empty way to show up. What a boring and unfulfilling way to live.  What a boring way to experience dating. Yes, Boring.

Aren’t we tired of glorifying nights of confusion, debauchery and bottle service, that are supposedly worth thousands of dollars for something we don’t remember..?

If you are considered one of the Singles of Las Vegas and not bored, consider it!  It might prove to be more fulfilling than the other way around. Consider taking a stand for authenticity. Deep inside, we all want an authentic way of being– to be true to ourselves, to have relationships that are real and wholesome. That is what life is all about– the priceless things. The things you can’t buy. Relationships, Joy, a Giving Heart. Something real. Something wholesome.

So here are the lessons learned about Singles in Las Vegas. If you are single and bored, it’s great news; it means you are not blinded by all the lights! But do not stay in that space of being bored. It’s ok to be bored with the lifestyle that surrounds you, but you have the power to create something amazing in your own life. You are the master of your own play. Don’t be a victim. If you don’t like what you see here in Vegas, take a stand for yourself and make your life and dating lifestyle work for you. There are many options to lead a healthy lifestyle, find meaningful relationships, true friends and learn new hobbies.  Don’t know where to start?  ASK US HOW!

Our Mission at Singles in Las Vegas is to fill the empty void, and offer opportunities to build authentic relationships

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